Asbestos certificate

From 2032, every premises built before 2001 must have an asbestos certificate. An asbestos inventory is a file in which an expert lists which parts in your building contain asbestos. For each building material containing asbestos, you will find advice on its management or removal in the attestation.

What is included in an asbestos inventory?

  • We visit you for a survey to identify asbestos-containing materials.
  • We take samples of materials suspected of containing asbestos and analyse them in our laboratory.
  • We provide you with a detailed and user-friendly asbestos inventory or asbestos certificate, in accordance with legislation.
  • We work with an all-in price (including all necessary sampling and OVAM registration) so there are no surprises at the end of the day.

Order your asbestos certificate for your building here. Do you need an inventory for a large (>500m²), industrial or non-residential building? Then we work to your specifications. Contact for a quotation.

Sum of gross usable floor areas for all floors and any annexes.

Check the surface area carefully because an administrative cost will be charged for any change via subsequent invoicing (see general terms and conditions).

Note: this is not always the same as the value on your EPC certificate.
- By definition, the standard survey for the elaboration of an asbestos certificate is non-destructive (except minor damage resulting from sampling a material according to the inspection protocol is not considered destructive testing).

- In a destructive survey, background and underlying materials not covered by the scope of the asbestos certificate are also assessed and/or sampled. In a partial destructive survey, only a part of the inspection area determined in advance by the client is destructively examined.

- Do you want an inventory without an asbestos certificate (and therefore without OVAM and Copro costs)? Then contact us for a tailor-made approach:

- Would you also like an EPC report? Mail us and we will provide you with a tailor-made quote:
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